Welcome to the BADASSFORGOOD Podcast

Hey, I’m R. Trent Thompson, host of the BADASSFORGOOD Podcast. I’m an award-winning brand and marketing strategist, and I love working with nonprofit organizations. So much so that I launched this podcast to help empower nonprofits to realize their full potential.

What is a BADASSFORGOOD? It’s a good thing. It refers to any person or nonprofit organization who’s making a never-say-never effort to improving the lives of others. It’s a powerful and positive acknowledgment of their unwavering commitment to doing good.

In each podcast, I’ll share snackable brand and marketing insights that will help empower your organization to realize its full potential. Tried-and-proven successes that will improve your marketing and communications efforts. Real-world examples you can use to help increase your multichannel fundraising and awareness campaign results. Ideas you can implement to strengthen your brand and maximize every channel or touch point of your organization to better connect with your donors, supporters, and those you serve.

You can also count on a rant or two from time-to-time. When I see branding or marketing gone wrong, or a wrong that needs to be righted, you’re gonna fricking hear about it!

So, go ahead. Kick the tires. Take it for a listen. All I ask is if you like what you hear — if you’re picking up what I’m laying down — subscribe and then share it with everyone and their mother!

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R. Trent Thompson (@badassforgood) is a rare combination of strategist, creative, and marketer. He’s the founder of Thompson & Company, strategic brand, design, and communications firm working exclusively with nonprofit organizations. Using research, facts, and data, we blend expertise with innovation to empower nonprofit brands to realize their full potential.

Trent is an expert on redefining, strengthening and unifying the nonprofit brand, voice, messaging and donor experience across all touch points of the brand. Highly successful in building integrated, multichannel communications and fundraising campaigns that increase mission visibility, build a strong public voice, extend consumer reach, creatively engage next-generation philanthropists, improve stakeholder communications, and increase annual revenue. He’s an expert in creating media strategies to increase brand visibility and position nonprofits as the leading authority within their niche. He is also a contributing writer for The Chronicle of Philanthropy and npENGAGE.

Trent has worked with many amazing organizations including American Red Cross, Iams, Girl Scouts, Lincoln Financial Group, LexisNexis, The Children’s Center, DePuy, Stryker, Habitat for Humanity, and Meals on Wheels.

When not rebranding nonprofits and building multichannel fundraising or awareness campaigns, you can find Trent speaking at industry conferences around the country sharing innovative brand and marketing insights.

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