Scaling brand storytelling

to reach the masses

The Children’s Center

Share your brand story with everyone and their mother

The goal was to share The Children’s Center brand story with the masses. The challenge became how to scale accessibility. It was too costly to continually reprint and hand out copies. So, how did we scale brand storytelling? We moved it online.

Accessible by anyone, anytime and from anywhere

We created an interactive, online version of their brand story that can be accessed and shared (free) by anyone, anytime, and from anywhere. Visitors are empowered to share the story online with their family, friends and colleagues; helping extend its reach via personal endorsements far beyond traditional marketing tactics. Prospective donors can even request a private “mission” tour to learn more about how they can make a life-changing difference for some of Detroit’s most vulnerable children.

We added video and sound to create an even more memorable and emotionally-charged experience. Resulting in more meaningful and deeper connections with donors and supporters. Listen to the children read the compelling brand manifesto from The Children’s Center story below.

Experience the interactive, online version of The Children’s Center brand story.

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