A little innovation inspired

donors to give big

The Children’s Center

Used animation to connect with donors on a deeper level

The Children’s Center was on a mission to triple philanthropy in three years. One of the keys to achieving that goal was to significantly increase fundraising results from their year-end fundraising campaigns. When developing the strategy for this annual appeal, we persuaded The Children’s Center to not be afraid to get innovative to make their appeal stand out and connect with donors on a much deeper level. They agreed. This allowed us to push the boundaries with this multichannel campaign which included three emotional, animated stories of families receiving treatment from The Children’s Center. The results were even better than projected.

Shared the amazing stories of three courageous children

We all know that storytelling is essential to your organization’s ability to advance its mission. Done well, stories can better connect donors to your cause. In this multichannel year-end fundraising campaign, we told the stories of three brave and resilient children who battle their fears and demons every day. But, we just didn’t share these stories in written form, we animated each on. By doing so, it helped us clearly articulate to donors the harsh realities each child was experiencing. It also enabled us to convey the type of value and impact donors could have on their lives, which in turn inspired donors to give generously.

After watching Kinita’s animated story below, you can watch Coty and Victoria’s story here.

Took the annual appeal to the donors

While it’s true direct mail is alive and well, it can no longer be your only communications channel for your annual appeal. As your generational audiences hop from one channel to the next, you need to know which channels they prefer, how they interact with that content in each of those channels, and then take your appeal directly to them, right where they are.

For the direct mail and offline channels, we created an integrated system of print collateral. The key is ensuring that the branded theme and messaging is consistently pulled through each piece, and channel, during the life of the campaign.

Posters and leave-behinds were created and displayed by local businesses and community partners frequented by the Millennial and Gen X audiences to help extend the reach of the campaign to engage new donors.

Socialized the fundraising campaign for maximum exposure

As part of our robust social media strategy, we created and deployed an inventory of relevant campaign visuals and messages to continuously engage and inspire donors to give right up to December 31, 11:59 p.m.

Made it super easy for donors to give online

We also created a series of emails that corresponded with each direct mail drop and social media package. Ensuring messaging and theme continuity across all touch points of the multichannel fundraising campaign.

We knew that when targeting next generation philanthropists, making it easy for this tech-savvy group to make a gift online was an absolute must. Studies report that 62% of Millennials and 47% of Gen X donors would give online via smartphones. To leverage this invaluable insight, we created “responsive” donation pages (meaning the web page is easy to read and interact with on mobile devices) to prevent donors from becoming frustrated, or leaving the donation page, when tyring to pinch and zoom on their smartphones to make a gift.

How did we do?

The campaign experienced tremendous engagement in social media, including 3,471 post clicks on The Children’s Center Facebook page and 1,803 likes, comments and shares. The campaign raised over $233,000.

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