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page with a Messaging Map

Team Joseph

A Messaging Map to help unify messaging and storytelling

The way you talk about your organization makes your brand strategy (positioning, proof points, essence and personality) clear, simple and human. A Messaging Map is an extremely powerful tool that should be in every nonprofit’s brand and communications toolkit. It can help guide your efforts to tell your nonprofit’s compelling story in a powerful and consistent manner.

The idea is to use your Messaging Map every time you talk or write about your organization: This includes, but is not limited writing brochures, website, newsletters, impact reports, donor cultivation and stewardship, fundraising and awareness campaigns, leadership talking points for media interviews, op-eds for your subject matter experts, and your brand story.

This is key: The more consistent and unified your messaging, the greater the trust and confidence donors and others will have in your nonprofit brand. The more trust and confidence, the more the affinity they’ll have for your organization.

The Team Joseph Messaging Map

Above is the messaging map we created for Team Joseph to help them organize their messages into a hierarchy to ensure their communications are clear, consistent and compelling. To make certain the way they talk about Team Joseph makes their brand and communications strategy (positioning, proof points, attributes and personality) real, rich, and relatable.

The supporting attributes describe what Team Joseph offers to their audience. The benefits are the value that their audiences receive. The proof points offer deeper details, and the map as a whole is structured around their brand pillars we created which are Community, Research and Organization.

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