This brand persona helps connect

with all on a deeper level

The Children’s Center

Inconsistent messaging + poor brand experiences = lost relevance.

The Children’s Center was facing an increasingly challenging and competitive giving environment. They were competing for the same pool of donors and families needing services. To break through the clutter, they came to us for help with reestablishing relevance with their many audiences, including families they serve, donors, volunteers, potential board members and employees, legislators, corporate sponsors, community partners, media, and next generation philanthropists.

After an initial communications audit, we determined that the best way to achieve relevance and create consistent brand experiences for all was to reveal and define their brand persona. We explained that a brand persona is the personality of your organization; the way you express and represent your nonprofit to others. We cautioned that they already had a brand persona. The charge was to define and leverage its immense power.

We shared that a brand persona will help you create the desired brand experiences, establish the tone for messaging, and influence your marketing and communications for every touch point of your organization. It will make it easier for your audiences to understand and connect with your organization on a much deeper and emotional level. The reason being is people personify things all the time. We assign human-like attributes to just about everything — people, places, things, and even nonprofit organizations. We do this because it draws on the one analogy we understand best: What it means to be human.

Meet Fulla H. Luv (the “H” stands for Hope)

We conducted numerous in-person and online interviews with a cross section of members representing their many audiences. We analyzed the responses to gain insight regarding brand perception, frustrations, identifiers, motivations. And, we performed archetype mapping to reveal new and/or confirm existing personality traits and attributes. The idea behind using brand archetypes is to connect with universal beliefs that are already embedded in the subconscious of your audience. The archetype mapping process doesn’t just help shape your brand’s personality, it helps your nonprofit create a connection that your audiences can identify with.

We examined the collected data for common traits, responses, perceptions, themes, and even areas of tension that could help define your their brand persona. Upon completion of the personification process, a human, relevant and powerful brand persona emerged: Fulla H. Luv, and the “H” stands for Hope.

How is The Children’s Center using their brand persona?

The Children’s Center is using their persona to inform their brand positioning, and align their brand and messaging across all touch points of their organization. To inform the creation of clear and consistent internal and external communications, stories, and compelling fundraising campaigns. To help build donor trust and confidence, forge new partnerships, acquire new donors, increase fundraising results, and create memorable and relevant brand experiences across the organization.

Download their one-page brand persona profile.

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