A brand manifesto touches the hearts of donors

The Children’s Center

This brand manifesto is the secret weapon for donor cultivation

When rebranding The Children’s Center in Detroit, we created a short and long-term brand strategy. One of the key components of that strategy was a brand manifesto. Done well, your brand manifesto can be of even greater service than the traditional mission and vision statements. Especially, when cultivating individual donors and major gifts.

The brand manifesto includes the “why”

Mission and vision statements focus on the where and how. They often lack inspiration and they leave out the “why.” The Children’s Center brand manifesto includes all three. And, it’s so emotionally charged that it touches the heart and inspires donors and others to want to take part in helping make a difference in the lives of Detroit’s most vulnerable children.

The Children’s Center Brand Manifesto

There’s a place that stands for family, for healing and for hope. A place that provides a healthy safe haven for children to overcome their challenges and grow into strong, healthy, productive adults.

A place that strives to celebrate life. Not just fix life’s problems.

That place is The Children’s Center in Detroit.

Where every child deserves the chance to dream again. To be accepted and not judged. And to be welcomed with wide-open arms.

At The Children’s Center, we rebuild hope for children who struggle with unimaginable difficulties.

The pain of mental abuse. The scars of poverty. The burden of neglect.

We do it with compassion, dedication, and by applying the time-tested knowledge of our never-say-never staff.

We help children by looking at more than a single issue. We treat the whole child. We examine the barriers in the home, school or community. We work with the family who raises them. And we bring all our learnings together to support their healing and get them on the road to a happier, more fulfilling childhood.

We do all of this by practicing evidence-based care. That means care that’s been tried and tested, proven to be effective to help children thrive. To empower their voices. And learn to self-advocate once they’re outside the comfort of our walls.

We do this for one reason — we’re passionate about healing children.

Because we know when you lift a child’s spirit, you ultimately lift an entire community.

Listen to their children read the brand manifesto

To scale brand storytelling for The Children’s Center, we also created online, interactive version of their brand story. The manifesto is an instrumental part of their brand story. We added video and sound to provide a rich and emotional experience and help create deeper connections with donors and supporters. Listen to the children read the compelling brand manifesto from The Children’s Center brand story.

Experience the interactive, online version of The Children’s Center brand story.

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