What does #BADASSforGOOD mean?

It’s a good thing. It simply describes any person or nonprofit organization who’s making a never-say-never effort to improve the lives of others. And they come in all flavors. #BADASSforGOOD is a powerful and positive acknowledgment of their unwavering commitment to doing good, however they do it.

Snackable advice to help you connect the “brand” dots for your donors

It’s taken a while, but the word “branding” is no longer taboo in the nonprofit world. In fact, those nonprofits who make the decision to strengthen and strategically leverage their brands will be way ahead in the game. To increase fundraising in an increasingly competitive environment, forge new or deepen existing relationships, and build trust in their brand, nonprofits must connect the dots for their donors, board members, brand advocates and consumers. You must help your them quickly and easily see the relevance of your work – both to them and to those whom you serve. You have to make it crystal clear what you do, why it matters, how you do it better than anyone else. And, you must address the elephant in the room by answering their key question: where do I fit into this story?

If it’s difficult for donors to quickly grasp the meaning and relevance of your work, and the impact they can make by donating to your organization, they may very well give to another nonprofit who is better at connecting the dots.

– R. Trent Thompson, Nonprofit Brand Strategist

In each podcast, I share breakthrough, tried-and-proven advice that will revolutionize branding, marketing and generational engagement for your nonprofit – in snack-sized video and audio podcasts – to help you maximize every asset and touch point of your brand to connect the dots for your donors and generational audience. You can count on a rant or two from time to time, too. When I see branding gone wrong, you’ll hear about it – so that you’ll know what not to do.

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